Yoru No Pikunikku (Night Time Picnic)

Walking together..that’s all it was..but How did it become so special?

“Yoru no Pikunikku (Night time picnic)  is a Japanese movie which I re-watched yesterday after 2 or 3 years. It says about an annual school walk which all the students participate. They walk 80 KM within a 24 hours time. It’s the last hike for Nishiwaki and Takako Koda. They ignore each other every time ..they do not like talking to each other. Every one is curious about the reason behind this ignorance. Are they in Love? Is that why she is not talking to him? Has he told something rude? Everyone is curios… but they never disclose the reason behind this hatred.

Koda however promises herself to put up the courage and talk with Nishiwaki at least a one word before the walk ends since  it’s the last walk and after this walk she will not get a chance to meet him again.

Students believe that this walk has a power which they cannot see. It’s just walking together..but at the end of this walk they believe something special would happen to them.. new secrets, resolutions, regrets and doubts all will be solved… They would bond with new people..they will realize their strengths. Will Koda and Nishiwaki too solve their problem?

As it says..the walk was magical and the end was surprisingly magical..and yes sometimes walking together becomes so special… guess sometimes that what we all need..a long walk…with few secrets.


And It seems that it’s not only me who is fascinated about this movie. 😉

Not Just A Film #5 Yoru No Pikunikku (Night Time Picnic) 

Yoru no Pikunikku



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