Despite the fact that too much “smart phoning” is really bad for you we still cling to it as it is our fairy god mother. We find it almost all difficult to survive without smart phone networking. But have you thought of staying out of it for awhile. Well I did..I still do…well I am sort of forced to do it.

My previous mobile plan was a pre-paid plan but it costed a lot when I just sneak peek in my FB page..So most of the time I roam with Zero balance in my phone. So conclusion- I turned off my mobile data when I was in office..whole day for 9 hours I lived without mobile data-or I lived without networking. Scary..isn’t it? Yeh Sort of.. Since I had no network I had no need to touch my loving iPhone and my battery was always full. Then came the scary part.. oh what am I going to do without  networking… Nothing.. Nothing.. boring… !

That’s when one of my darling friends send me an E-book to read. So when ever I get a break I fire up the E-book and started to read…and read….it was amazing..I mean reading a book does  not just give you a story to encourages you to think in a different try to analyze the plot and characters. Your brain starts to functioning in a different way than it worked when we ‘smart-phone’. I read more than 12 novels in a row that month..and nevertheless the blogging idea was also an invention of no networking Zone.

Then my mind drifted to another site-Pinterest... ( Ok I am not addicted to Pinterest..Maybe a little ). It’s cause of Pinterest I tried to figure out whether I have DIY artwork skills… (ok I am not gonna comment about my art wok  😉 ) So I sort of stroll  those DIY stuffs and to be honest I learned a lot other stuffs-like Life Hacks and I actually started to apply them in my day to day worked… really… I mean I swear I will not know about those life hacks, new recipes, art work if I kept my eyes running through my FB home feed or  Instagram. moreover I would not get a chance  give my eyes a view of lush trees if I  tweet a status when I ‘m on my way home. I would not get a chance to enjoy how the little baby was making faces if I was snap-chatting that time.

That’s why I always believe that with this smart phone we will reach to top of the world with this amazing technology but spending your time without this so called networking -even for one or 2 hours per day will open new doors in life. Among every other things at least you’ll stay out of the drama for few hours  😉

PS: I changed to a post-Paid plan but I still turn off my mobile data for a better time. 😉


oh well yes… my DIY lantern… I got to improve a lot in this DIY and art work.. 😉


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  1. You & your instagram profile… api nodanna chess:P 😛
    Even nowadays you are always online … of course i’m 24/7 online thanks to the BB package


    1. Sithmini says:

      haha… yeh I use Instagram photos most of the times.. Actually not really online these days… at least till tomorrow…data all gone for this month… 😀 😀


  2. Gopal says:

    Nice…I think we all should try it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Aww Mr. Gopal you read it?! Thank you for going through my blog.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks.. 😉


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