That day I came out for some office work and I was waiting in the lobby area. It’s a sunny day  with small wind. After all it’s a perfect day to enjoy the sun. I started to observe the surronding, the people and flowers cause I had plenty of time for my meeting.

I saw this guy when I was scanning the out side lawn of the hotel. He is a handsome young boy, with a clear, adorable skin and face. He streches his arms wide slowly as he is diving in the sea. For a moment I was puzzled thinking why would some one do some thing clusmy like this in this midday. I  scrutinize him more. He is closing his eyes lightly and breathing slowy as he is inhaling the air for the first time. He steps forward little by little. But each step is filled with uncertinity. That’s when it rang the bell. He is a blind guy. I genuienly got very upset. It’s like he was experiencing the sun and the wind for the first time from his bare hands. I kept looking at him for another couple of minutes.

How bizzare! no one else noticed this blind guy. I walked towards the french window so I could see him closely. Then suddenly I saw the huge lamp post towards which he was heading. Oh god I have to save him from hitting the lamp post. I ran across the lobby and went out from the entrance. The guard was so confused so I told that a blind man is gonna hit the lamp post… he followed me as soon as he heard it.

I ran fast as I could. I saw him heading towards the post..I saw he was taking his steps more slowly then usually. I was literally two inches away from him and I strech my hand towards him. Accidenly and unexpectantly he stopped near the lamp post and turned to my side.. my hand was already strechted towards him and his turn was unexpected so accidently my hand pushed him to the lamp post.  It hit his head in the lamp post. I apologized immediately for my mistake and he looked into me and said “it’s fine doesn’t hurt much”

Now wait a sec..did I just saw him looking into me? as in eyes wide open? you mean the blind can see now after hitting his head on the lamp post? Am I sort of dreaming?

“Excuse me said he was blind” the guard just asked on time.

“Blind? me ? are you going crazy”

“well ..I saw you walking ..with your eyes closed” I was stammering

“Well I was just enjoying the weather? Am I not allowed to do that for few minutes??”

well god I apologized again from him and from the gurad for all confusion. I was embarassemed , adrifted but yet walked towards the lobby where my client was wating for me and hoping he didn’t see anything.

#sithupress ♥

Caption : Pinterest 

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  1. Thilini Mahanama says:

    Hahaha this is nice and this picture?? lol! is it geshan aiya?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      haha..thanks… oh yes… I couldn’t find another good picture in web … 😀 😀 😀


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