Office Talks

It was one of those days where I was deadly exhausted at office. It was bad day in my history. Too much of work and on the top of everything my boss only sees me for everything. For each and every pin point she wanted me to do it. I was dying for a break and getting a break in the middle of everything was a nightmare.

I thought of going out for my lunch break. I thought it would give me a fresh start to continue the rest of the day. However I first went to the wash room to freshen up a little. Accidently I met one of my old colleuges there. She immediately asked me why I look pale and walking dead. I simply described each and every pin point of my bad day and the rudness of my heartless boss. I honestly do not remember what I actually talked about my boss or did I complained a lot about my office. Now when I recall I think maybe I refered or described her as those some acient mammals you find in the history. I think I got too personal with everything and I spoke a lot more but at the end I felt light.

I felt like going straight to my desk and work as a horse. So much motivation from a confession? That’s great!

Suddenly, we could hear a noise of someone unlokcing a door nob in one of the washrooms. How strange we did not even realise that some one was inside. we remained silent and waited until that person leave so then we could continue our story.

I saw her from the mirror. She was smiling as if she won a Oscar award. She came closer to me and said Β “That’s quite a good speech..well done..I ll see you in the office” and then she went out.

My collegue asked me : “Who is she?” with a slight confusion..

I saw my own self through the mirror. My face is pale as if I saw a ghost in the middle of the night.

“That’s my boss, I was teling you about”

#sithupressΒ β™₯

PS: Totally an Imgination πŸ˜‰

captions: The Proposal -Movie

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