My Date

Once again we are back in the same situation, figuring how to fix everything around. There are 2 huge coffee mugs in front of us with some muffins. The plan is to spill out all the confusions and start all over again but no one seems to talk with each other.  Some says coffee is a good way to continue long talks.

He was busy with his phone where I was busy admiring other guests who are seated and talking to each other. I saw a lot of things. nice dresses, beautiful architecture of the cafe, story about their ancestors.. but no solution for our conflict.

One more muffin to go.. let’s break the ice for once in for all.. let me think of something to talk about…about the weather ? or about the muffin? maybe I ll tell him that muffin is too good that we should order more? but that conversation is too inappropriate to start at this particular moment. However what else should I talk? about the story why we feel uncomfortable to face each other? We planned this meetup to clear all our doubts..

It’s been almost an hour but still our eyes didnt met together…I feel like it ‘s a whole day with so much stress… No I got to talk  something.. one has to start… So I raised my voice ..

“Ergh,,, So you are done with the coffee?”

“Yes…” then he taps his fingers on the table continuously. He might be feeling nervous equally.

“So shall we leave?”

“Yeh..why not? I ll give a call later..”

So that’s how it went.. we  could not talk although we both wanted. Everything was set…2 people together.. with coffee and muffins…a lot of topics to discuss.. but no one speaks up..but why was it not so successful? perhaps there were too much ego in hearts more than the love..!


#sithupress ♥


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