Evening Walk

Like every other day I put on my sweater and went for a evening walk. Chilled weather made me forget everything. Then I stepped in to my favourite isolated lane. I love this road. It’s never crowded. I find an abnormal loneliness in this street which I really do love.

I kept walking and then I saw a motorbike riding to my side from the other end. My adrenalin went high but I continued my pace. He came closer. He seems to be smart. we both ignore each other’s’ gaze . He passed by me. After few minutes I looked back. Damn! he did the same.. He took a turn and again rode towards me. I kept walking straight and slowly…He  passed by me again slowly.. I know he would come back. As I expected he took a Uturn again at the edge of the road..and rode slowly.. I felt scared..but I took my courage. He came closer and stopped in front of me.

“excuse me.. I’m kind of lost..  could you please tell me how can I go to the city center”

oh..I kept my hand on his bike handle cause I’m tired… I took this moment to examine him closely.. he and I both knew that he was not lost but what could I do..I had to tell him the location.. I explained him the direction. He was observing me. He Put his hand on the handle.. so close to my hand.. I remained calm.. I took my hand and dig it into my pockets…we spoke for 5 minutes about whereabout and then we both continued to our own destinations.

I came to the edge of the road..no sign of the bike.. I took my hand out from my pocket and opened my fist…Voila!  Poor Boy.. I stole his gold bracelet…  He might not still  figure it out.. how could he? I’m pretty professional now.. But we did had a spark..but I didn’t came to look for a spark. I got what I wanted.. Poor chap.. I hope he won’t face any troubles.

Truly an imagination & not promoting any sort of a crime 😀 

#sithupress ♥

captions : google

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