Cooking journey

There are few things I learnt about cooking during the last couple of  years. I agree with most of is an art.. I see cooking as an art of living too… Just having a recipe book and set of rich spices won’t make you a good cook. I used to think cooking would be easy.. following the recipe with a little more concern could bring good dishes to the diner tables. It took me few months to realize that it’s not just about adding all the species to the curry.

Each dish has its’ own way. Sometime I had to marinate the chicken with all the spices before cooking.. Sometime I would would toss them on the pan..  some I would bake it. Sometimes I had to add salt at the end and sometimes I add it altogether. I realized the taste changes if you caramelize the onions, garlic, maldivian fish a bit before adding vegetables to the cooking pan. No matter how good the taste, you ll get bored by eating same dishes everyday. The excellent taste becomes so tasteless. You got to combine things a little.

I just now realized a connection between cooking and our lives. You cannot roam around with just a recipe. We might hear stories from our elders as in how we should deal with our life but no one knows what comes to us until we start living it.  Some enjoy their life where some just live their life for the sake of living. Sometimes you got to give some time for some issues just like we marinate the chicken for hours before really cooking. We ll get bored when our life follows the same routine.. every day waking up..morning tea-office-work-home-TV-sleep-wake up morning again.. & you complain -you curse your own life just like the tasteless dish which makes you deteste the meals.  Sometimes you could deal situations with different point of views.. just like you always not need to cook a potato curry, you could bake it, fry it, smash or simply a spanish omelette.

You are the masterchef for everything in your life. whether to add sweet to your moments or to ruin all with a single overdose? Whether to change the pattern of your life or to just put all the things together and stay back and wait? To improve your cooking or to just accept what you have? it’s all in our hand.. but one thing is matter how good your dish tastes, there would be some people who ll never find it interesting. There’s lot of work and effort you put to bake the cake .. icing covers the all but still not everyone likes cakes…..That’s how the life exactly is.

#sithupress ♥

captions : Pinterest

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