Unrequited Love

Now how could I make you understand? It’s very clear but why you never understand this? I know your gaze very well..I know you are looking at me when I m looking at the far away horizon. I know that. But i dont have the courage to look back and ask “Why?” cause I know why you look at me like that..

It’s easy to fall in love with someone. You ‘ll think of that person day and night. You dont know whether your love of your life is thinking about you or not but you keeping thinking of your love. You think everything is in your favour

Unrequited Love…No limit for your love. You say you dont expect anything from me. Is that true? Then why you keeping following me like a shadow? Why you wanna know everything? Why is it you want to know why I dont have space for you?

I told you it’s very clear from the beginning. How can I create a space for you if some one is already in my heart? Just like you cannot fall out I cannot stop thinking about him. Why you dont understand this? why are you pushing me to this? it’s hurting to see you in pain..specially to know that you are in pain because of me.  For me you are a special one. A special friend…I care for you… but that’s pure…I cannot escape from this friend zone.

You think only you are in pain but in reality I’m in pain too.. I’m in pain because I know you love me..I know it’s unconditional… But my heart does not accept you. I’m in a cross road where I m completely in love with him and I suffer for being a pain for you.

What they say about unrequited love is not true.They says it’s unconditional love..does not hurt any one.no harm..you have the sole right to love unconditinal and to suffer alone. That’s not true-not only one person gets hurts deeply..but also the other feels a pain which no one ever sees. That pain is an indescribable guilt which gives you nothing but pain.

Inspired  by the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

#Sithupress ♥

captions: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

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  1. Gopal says:

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

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