The Woman in White

“You mean there’s a ghost here? some sort of supernatural power going on around?”

“Well That’s what I ve heard. It says a women was buried in this land long time ago and . Her cause of death is a mystery. No one knows what happened but they have found her corp after 2 weeks..”

“So they just buried ? without even informing the police?”

“oh…it was long time ago.. So yes they buried her there. And some have seen her sinful soul wandering around.”

“How does she look like now? I meant the ghost?”

“They say on every full moon day.. she walks from one corner to another wearing a white robe covering her head to toe. No one steps out at that time. This happens around 11.30 -12 midnight.”

well  that was a nice bed time story. we came to this new resort to get a relief from our hectic life. The waiter told us this story about the lady cause he got really friendly with us. Well I’m such a person who does not cling on to those stuffs. So it was interesting story after all and it was a full moon day.

I think around 11 clock I suddenly woke up. I heard some sounds in the wash room. I checked the wash room oh and there was a water leak. I dialed the room service and no one is answering. I mean why you have a room service if they dont answer. So I went to the reception to inform the matter and on my way back I honestly lost my way back. Obviously I was sleepy so it’s completely acceptable to lose your way.  Somehow I thought of walking straight in the passage. It’s dead dark. Why they dont have a blubs here. I took two steps forward suddenly a bulb lit up. I took another two steps. Another light lit up. I looked back.. it’s all dark. who’s turning on the lights? Bats started to scream. What’s happening? I looked around.. It’s all dark.. But I saw something was moving. I tried to focus. It was a woman..she was coming towards the resort. At this hour?? I ignored her..I took more steps forward. This time I ran a bit. oh god.. lights are turning up when I’m moving forward and they are turning off automatically. I stopped. Looked back..There she was- still coming towards me. But why is she covering herself from head to toe? Wait a minute! Am I seeing something unusual here. Okay it must be 11.30 p.m by now and Am i seeing this ghost???? Gosh This is unbelievable… Ghost are there…Help me god..protect me..I didnt think twice but I ran fast as I could I screamed loud as I could. Then I felt numb and I think I fainted.

When  I woke up my friend was next to me and the staff was dumbstruck.I told them what happened. I told them I saw a ghost. Manager came close to me and gave me a glass of water. He said it was impossible to see a ghost there.

“The lights just turned on when I walk!”

“that’s the censor lights M’am we only put them in the corridors recently.”

“But I saw a person coming towards to me..wearing a white covering from head to toe. That’s a ghost”

Every one got shocked when I said so. Then one staff came forward “M’am I’am sorry I didnt mean to scare you but it was me I came for my night shift. I covered from head to toe cause I didn’t want to catch the cold” She said it apologetically.

My friend was hiding her smile and so did I but I was equally embarrassed. They all left after awhile. I was shocked for few minutes and then we could not stop our laugh until we checked out from the resort next day.

#Sithupress ♥

Captions from Pinterest

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  1. Gopal says:

    Good one to scare people 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Hi again,
      Hehe.. yeh… should try… thanks for going through this 🙃🙂


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