Table for 2

Good afternoon, A table for two sir?

Yes.. Please.we have a booking..

I ushered them to a very lovely spot where we reserved a table for this couple who are celebrating their first anniversary.  They could enjoy the meal while watching the rain in this gloomy afternoon.How romantic..glommy and candle light dinner.  They ordered some dishes. I kept inspecting them from time to time.

I wonder whether they are in love or whether they are forced to be together. Cause they never talk. Both of them kept looking down. We served the dishes. They took our their weapons. I mean the smartphones. selfies, Food-selfies, so many flashes on the table. then again both remained silent. I thought they are thanking the god for the meals.. but no I was wrong..they were just waiting until the selfies were uploaded. I’m telling you nowadays dining etiquettes are pretty different. Eyes are on the phone. Fingers are on the on touch screen. Fork grabs what ever served in the dish and it goes right away to the mouth… They smile alone..laugh alone… then comes the second session. one takes photos of the other. how he eats, how he texts… again uploading…uploading..

These two were so much busy that they did not even see that little girl from the other table picking their bread. how could they know? I went to their table..

M’am how was meal? Did you enjoy our chef’s special Italian Pasta?

Pasta? ..she went blank..tried to recollect… I felt like saying may be you should check you clicked photos in your phone… ‘Oh..yes.. that was nice’ but I’m sure she still does not remember what she ate.

M’am you want some thing else?

ergh..what’s your wifi password?

They enjoyed the meal for more than 2 hours…well actually not enjoying the meals but enjoy networking. They are so much busy and interacted with the network that they do not even have time to talk with each other and to enjoy this mouth watering dishes.

I mean why waste time in dressing up and coming to a restaurant if you are not even interested in looking around the place. enjoy the meal..taste your every with each other about the food, the gossips..there’s a lot you can do..   I wonder why they don’t deliver the same dishes to their place and take 100000 of selfies or what ever. Oh but I should not say that..we need customers…  🙂


picture credits to my hubby love 🙂

PS. No hard feelings just an elaborated experience as a third person 🙂 


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  1. Sunethi says:

    haha well said 😀 My problem is i normally eat food without taking pictures though 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Hehe yeh i know 😂 m also the same … Thanks though 😃


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