I know, I can hear them. I know what they are saying behind my back. Yes this is my third relationship. I really hope that this would be my last relationship till my last breath. I thought the same when I was in my previous relationship. But things did not work out between us. I  tried my hard. He did his best. But if we do not see a future in a relationship then we should end it although it’s hard to move on. What’s the point of clinging on to a relationship if it does not make us happy in the end? Should I clip into him cause they would talk bad about me?

They just talk..but I know how hard it was to leave him and move on. sleepless nights, endless tears and I was longing to hold him. For millions of times I regretted. Thought of going back to him and to forget all the odds. I could not bear to see couples, I found it hard to pass the cafe where we used to spend hours together. Then I realized that it is hard to live in his afterglow. I was addicted him. I just wanted to quit my addiction.

Is there a specific time period to stay single after a break up? A month? A year? A decade? No..Then why are they so curious about it? why is it so wrong to fall in love again? Or why is it bad to be with some one again? I swear I never wanted a rebound. But he was able to tame me from my addiction. He is like the rain in the drought.

His touch is different. It gives me a chill. It recalls all the memories of his afterglow. But I survived. This is my third relationship. I fell in love with two guys before. I adored them. I would have crossed oceans for them. It’s the past. But they still live in my heart. But the memories don’t haunt me anymore neither I am unfaithful to him. I’m in love for the 3rd time. I want him to be the last. I don’t want to live in tears again.

But they still talk about me. They will…They think it’s easy for me to move on. In fact they think I am not in love. Is it written in your face? How can I tell them? Will they understand? Will they understand the pain I go through? Does it ever happen in life that an angel come in to your dreams and show a picture of your better half? So I can keep waiting for him? I wish, but No that never happened. Some times it’s not the people who cheat us.. it’s our own heart who cheats us.

Captions: Google


(truly fictional 😉 ) 


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