I rehearsed this dialog over over again in front of the mirror..and rehearsed alone- just  like those heroes you find in fairy tale movies.  Am I too soon to propose her? Should I wait for more days? but we know each other since long time… I mean since 3 months.. I have this one track mind which only leads to her. The adrenaline goes up and down and run through the blood when she is sitting next to me. Should I give her flowers? That’s too cheesy? Isn’t it? Then it’ll be just like a movie..

I feel the orchestra  playing behind me.. flower petals in front of me..And she’s in front of me..This is just my adrenaline going crazy over her. She asked me what brought me there? I told her.. I started from the beginning..her eyes became big when I reflected every tiny pin point of our history.. She is interested in my story..She is looking into my can she do it? I can’t even stare for a minute.. She smiles..She blushes…She laughs..

My eyes are playing the whole story in front of me.. just like a movie playing in front of my eyes.. I said her how I began to yearn for her presences. How I saw her as the prettiest girl on the she haunted me in my dreams..(which of course I enjoyed and I am looking forward for that as well). I told her that I need to escape from this friend zone. Her eyes are sparkling…I guess she is thinking the same as me. I kept talking talking and talking without a break and she kept listening with a smile. And then maybe after hour.. I asked her Am I boring you? She said not at all.. She wanted me to talk.. And after another hour…I concluded my long story about loving her..And I asked her whether she too would love to be with me forever?

She smiled again…the pretties smile ever..She said something… I did not hear..It’s neither a Yes nor a No… I asked her again… She said ” That’s so nice of you..But can we be friends for ever? ”

So basically that was my love story in short…not love story but my friendship story.  After knowing this girl for 3 months and after a tremendous rehearsal speech she agreed to be my friend.

Caption: Kapoor and Sons Movie

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Let’s do #sithupress ♥


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    1. Sithmini says:

      Hi mySestina,
      Aww thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mySestina says:

        Hello my dear.. your welcome always…

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  1. Sunethi says:

    Is this a real story or fictioned one 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Haha sunethi… Fictional 😂😂


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