She- a Volcano

“She is just like a Volcano” not only ‘she’ normally most of everyone think women are like volcano. You don’t know when..she just blasts like lava. Is it true? well perhaps..yes..true..but the story should have a small twist.

At the end, it’s the mountain which turns in to a volcano. A mountain covered with tiny grass and lovely flowers or a mountain with bit of snow here and there. A girl-a Lady and a women..little by little…a sod by sod…grows up. Wind comes in and out..climate changes..the weather changes…the mountain never changes.. It just stays calm. isn’t it the same with a woman?  Time changes..we grow up…we pass through difficult situations but we stay clam.We see the changes around us..try our best to the soil erode from the mountain from time to time. Insults, neglects, rejections she bears it all with a smile and a tear. happiness, achievement, love blossom as flowers bloom on the mountain.

Outside it looks all calm but inside it’s not the same. She consumes all the hatred but gives only a smile. The girl who sat in a corner with a blank stare has a lot to say. wants to scream..but instead smiles because women should have that grace. she smiles because she values the bond. Lava which produce in side the mountain is just as same as the anger, sorrow, weeping screams which she hides since long time. But how long can she hide those? one day she gives up..She gives up..she let it flow over her…she frees her self. Just like the lava flows over.

But all we see is a sudden flow of lava or sudden awaken anger of a lady. See! she has another face. See her true colors.. ! we only see the end… that’s why I say..there’s a small twist in the ordinary story which we don’t see usually.



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  1. Were you talking to me? sounds like me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Samitha, it?
      Well it’s about all of us including you too 🙂


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