Frustration is in my blood now..yes I feel it going through my veins and it bites me every possible time. I cannot sit and read for 10 minutes. I feel like sleeping and when I lay on the bed and close my eyes and then I realize that I am not sleepy at all.. But I try to sleep transforming my self into different positions but I still I dont find sleep. I jump from the bed..went to the living area…walked back and forth across the living room.. came back to my room… my heart is pumping blood fast and is a utter mess.. I threw all my cloths in the wardrobe..dumped all the cosmetics to the drawer..   mind is not yet clam..I got to do something…it’s coming again..from my blood.. the frustration..

I got to think of something else. Don’t think of him. well I’ll better bake something..I went to the kitchen..started to mix the batter for a cake…every time I close my eyes I remembered I remembered her.. the appealing her. I hear they talk..I hear their voices echoing.. Suddenly I could not fit into the frame…I turned on the electric mix which is exactly like my inner mind..drilling sounds all over.It’s wrong..isn’t it? how could he?

It’s wrong..isn’t ?How could he? I Believe now it’s all over…He has forgotten the shoulder he held for hours..he has forgotten the nights we spend under the shinning stars. Has he forgotten the promises we made too? He was my companion. But I ve been living this life for sometime..but he pretends that he could not even feel my presence. When did the things go wrong..I would like to take a detour now…what made him to choose ?what made him to leave me alone?   This time I feel it in my eyes…it’s getting hot…this time my tears are hot as coal. That’s when I heard the door bell…who could be? at this time..?

With the tears which blotted my eyes and with my dusted serviette. I opened the door.. to my utter’s him..standing in front of the door with a bouquet of red roses.


“ You look dead… what were you doing?”

“urrmm..I was..baking a cake ….for you”

“So I bought you flowers..Red one…cause you like them…”

“But why?” my brittle voice still shivers

“Because I want to start over..”



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  1. Laly says:

    You make believe in love! *beautiful*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Hi Laly,
      Awww thanks 😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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