“Let’s dance in the dark.. forget about others” His voice was mixed with a slight laugh..I could feel it even though I could not see him properly. He reached down his hand for me. I was giggling..then I gave my hand to him…I think he laughed while dancing.. I wish I could see his face..but it’s dark…I laughed too.. It was not a proper dance..we held our hands in the dark and moved one step at a time. But back then it was a dance for us. how long did we dance? I dont remember.. till someone switched on the lights? Till then I held his hand tight cause I knew his hand is the only guide for me to survive in this dark-Dim dance floor. He was holding me tight as well. But why? he was not afraid of losing the path.. He is the one who took me here. Do eyes sparkle as they say? Cause his eyes were smiling. Did mine spark? I guess not..cause I was giggling all the time for no reason.

I still get a mocking smile when I remember that moment. Years may pass but I still remember that day..I can’t trace what exactly I felt but I remember a slight shiver going through my spine when ever I heard his laugh.

“Let’s dance in the dark..forget about the other” after passing so many years and months…he says it again…reaching his hand towards me…”Just one dance before light goes on” he says again with a pleasant smile. Again I placed my hand on him. This time.. he smiles in the dim light..but not like the old days. I felt I could manage without his support..he does not hold tight like the other day. It’s like he is giving me the chance to choose..whether to hold or not to hold. I feel good to stay there.. but will not feel bad if I let go. I would like to dance with him a little more.. but I won’t regret if someone turned on the lights. I wish if he could hold me tight and tell secrets to my ear like he did the other day but he will not do it today yet I am not sad. Do eyes sparkle as they say? Is everything  written in our eyes? Is it very hard to read eyes? cause his eyes are blank… are mine readable? I guess not.. they were just smiling.


Captions: Udhayam NH4 movie 


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  1. Sunethi says:

    **** It’s about the eyes !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      hehe..yeh..it is all about eyes.. 😉


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