The change

Even with in a nanosecond, One single piece of memory will take you to many places in your past.I remember the time where it was all about passing an examination. How can I forget about those last minute කුප්පි (Kuppi*)? I remember how we laughed at those typical married women who had nothing to talk about except her husbands’ shirt collar size or how she made her dal curry, how much rice they need per month, how she does her laundry blah blah..I mean yes we all know you gotta lot of house hold work to do…but do you always need to specify what you cook? or do you put less salt to your curries? when & how you do your laundry? do you always need to get opinions on how others cook meals? I mean there are recipe books, there’s internet! you can just search..why do you need to talk to others about it? That day I promised my self that’ll not be like these typical wives..I ‘ll not talk in details about what I do.

However I came back to the present cause someone from the back poked me and reminded me that I need to move forward in the long queue. So I came to buy bit of groceries. Actually I’m trying on a new cake recipe. The problem is I’m comfortable with Grams, Kg, ml but the recipe says  3/4 cups, 2 stick of butter, ounces etc. So i need to convert this..I did convert once..But I’m pretty unsure with my conversion. So I dialed my friends’ number since the queue is pretty long. So then she finally told me that she’ll send me an accurate conversion list and then she started a casual conversation

“so how’s the day? where are you now? it’s noisy”

“Oh yes..I came to buy some groceries..the queue is pretty long and seems like i’ll get late to go know what? I forgot to do my laundry in the morning so I need to do it when I go home”

“Oh why is that? I did mine Yesterday”

“No we had this dinner yesterday at one of our relatives’ place. So we got late. These days I really dont get much time to sleep…..I’m having this terrible headache even…Hey by the way do you know how to cook a  curry thick? my cousin cooks well..but mine is not that thick ….”

I dont remember how long we spoke but we just talked about casual stuffs such as our day to day life events but I noticed that some one from the back was giggling. I turned back. It was a small girl. probably she was a student . She had  a bag-pack, some big books and dark chocolates in her hand. what so funny? she was looking at me.. Did I say something wrong to laugh? I mouthed her ‘why’..She Mouthed back ‘Nothing’ and looked away and tried to hide her smile. Just at that moment..I got a flash back..I remembered early me..I saw old me in this girl…I remember me who used to laugh at typical wives who talked about nothing but only about their cooking skills and laundry.. Am I not a typical wife now?  Am I not talking about the same? Trying new recipes? Getting others ideas about how to do stuffs better..specifically  detailing my day to day life from bed time tea to good night kiss? I am doing exactly the same thing which I promised my self to not to do?!  I couldn’t stop laughing at my own-self.. But am I laughing at old me? or am I laughing at my present condition or am I laughing at the change? Perhaps this is what life is. It changes from time to time and we dont even know that we are changing.


*Kuppi-A sinhala Slang used to describe about the last minutes study group discussions we have before exam days. 


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  1. Sunethi says:

    When i saw this earlier , i though this one is only for married ones 😀 Luckily i got time to go though it…. Nice one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      hehe yeh not only for married ones… 😉 😉 ThanQ for going through this.. 🙂 🙂


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  3. rasakama says:

    This really is the ugly truth or even the pretty truth. I don’t even know anymore. I guess, we tend to like small things instead of big things now a days. I kind of felt that I was the narrator of the story. hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sithmini says:

      Aww.. True.. When we look back.. We get a very unusual feeling.. It’s neither happy nor sad.. Just unusual…. Thanks for stopping by… That means a lot for me. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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