I can’t fathom why I feel something is missing in my life even though I have everything I wanted. I felt so sick to pass the same roads and same buildings again and again. But can I ask them to build new buildings each week so I’ll feel excited? Can I ask them to crumble the blind wall so I can get a better view from my kitchen? No there’s something else I need to change in my life but I could not figure it then. But I guess I learned the reason behind my boredom after returning from my vacation -from my home place.

Two weeks of vacation in Sri-Lanka taught me the magic of the walk on the grass with the dew.The fresh excitement of breathing the fresh air mixed with the fragrance of Gardenia and pinwheel in the morning. It reminded me that no matter what sort of mental stress you are in, you can just set it away if you just let your feet touch the grass. It’s like a natural therapy. Tasting a well ripen mango under the shades of mango tree is non comparable to any of the luxuries we have.


So I miss the green in this dessert. I miss living in the green. It’s not the same roads and buildings which made me sick but the lack of green. I wish if some one did plant a mango tree or a jack tree in front our apartment 50 years back. Then I’ll hear the murmurs of birds. I ll feel safe. Branches will shake with passion even for a small wind. It would have given a huge shade to all of us. But there’s nothing such..I am left alone here without the shades, without the murmur and with out the dew.

It’s indeed impossible to grow a tree like Jack here but some thing crossed my mind then. That’s the moment when I started to google about the indoor plants which I could grow in my house which requires less water and less sunshine. Perhaps I could plant a curry leaf plant in my kitchen or some other plant in my living area. Perhaps our lives might change. our eyes will not miss the green again. I may not get to touch the morning dew with grass but  I could still smell the fragrance of  a herb in every morning. They say the change begins with a simple step. So let it be a small plant or a big one, I guess it’s the time I should take a step towards the Green. To a better tomorrow. To a better life. For a better Generation.


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  1. rasakama says:

    Try GInseng tree. Its small and you can keep it inside the house. Change the soil in to compost (you can buy those during summer time.) and water it.

    I don’t know much about plants, but I hope this helps.

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    1. Sithmini says:

      Hi again,
      Is it? I should better check soon then.. thanks for the tip.. 🙂 still missing green..

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