Last night I was lost in my train of thoughts. I started to miss how I used to dance. For some reason I believed that dance, rhythm was in my blood. But Now I’m busy with my day to day work so I don’t even get a chance to listen to a song. So I though that I should break the ice tonight and should swing with the beat.

I turned on the music and started to do a slow dance- a contemporary dance. I was not wrong before. I still could dance! However I realized that I could not continue  my contemporary since I have to prepare something for the dinner.

I kept the music playing on,so then I would not miss the beat while I was in the kitchen. When I opened the fridge, I realized that it was the high-time to buy groceries. Then I made up my mind to make sandwiches. I started to chop onions and green chilles while dancing. I did one jump in my tiny kitchen, and then chopped another slice of an onion. This new cooking method felt so good. I promised my self that I should continue cooking with dancing. The amazing thing about dancing is you can just imagine the whole set in your mind. So all the cupboards, knives, cutting board,spice bottles were some sort of a prop for me. Finally I opened the fridge and took the last 2 eggs and closed the door with my hip and slightly turned with a small dance. Unfortunately I didnt notice the small oil drops which was on the floor and by mistake I stepped onto it. “Oops!”

I couldn’t balance my self with my unfriendly dance move and I quickly hold the worktop with my both hands. Instead of the worktop I touched the cutting board first. So it felt down. Somehow I grabbed the work top at last and after two minutes I felt I was safe. Not injured. That was a narrow escape. Thank god I was not hurt.

Then I started to look around. Oh my poor cutting board!  All my chopped onions and chilles were here and there on the floor. I collected all of them and throw it away. I pick up the cutting board to clean..’oh my goodness!..the eggs’ Poor eggs..eggs were crushed! The board and the floor was covered with egg yolks and whites.. Oh my! Now what..There were no more eggs or no any other things to make a sandwich. And top of all above..I got to clean the mess up. I felt my tears prick my eyes, I felt more and more hungry then. What should we eat now?  Somehow I thought to make a call first.

“Hi…Hello… ergh… hmmm…can you bring dinner tonight?”


“egh…yeh…I think …You heard right…”  *Crap*




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