Cup of Coffee

Yesterday, the weather was gloomy and he just dropped into our place for awhile. It was one of those days where I felt like covering my head to toe with a blanket and sip a coffee. ‘A cup of coffee? well yes.. that’s it’ & I remembered the jar of cookies which was in the corner cupboard.

“Shall we have a cup of coffee?” I asked and he nodded with delight.

I went to the kitchen like a snail and filled the pot with water and set it to boil. While collecting all the canisters and jar from the shelves I thought of watching a movie. Then it would be a movie date with coffee and cookies in a gloomy day and a blanket. Perfect..wasn’t it?

when I was pouring the boiled water in to the big jug I felt something was missing..’never mind’. I thought. I made the coffee..then put cookies in a small bawl and then..hmmm the aroma from the coffee..I always loved it..I inhaled aroma for a minute or two and then poured coffee in to his mug and then took my mug and pour it…tiny coffee drops quickly jumped into my mug. That was all. Where did the rest go? how come I have only few coffee drops… I opened the jug.It was empty..  OH silly me..Now that was it..the  missing part..I have boiled water for only one mug? OH now what?

“Darling? where’s the coffee?” I heard his voice from the living area.

“I am just done. Gimme a minute” I heard my self saying.

‘Shall I boil water again? That would take time and he wont stay so long…ergh..oh my coffee.. Movie wont be that interesting without two cups of coffee.never-mind..forget least I have a cookie… ‘

There was an  icy orange juice in the fridge. I grabbed and thought I would replace coffee with the juice. ‘Sigh’

“where’s your coffee..?”

“Urm.. Nah..I dont want coffee… Just Juice is good”

“Oh really? Are you sure? How sweet just went to make a coffee for me”

“ true” Ergh

I took a sip and oh my god.. the juice was ice cold..I literally started to freeze..and my teeth started to clatter.

“The coffee is great.”He said

“Oh really” I made up a smile..

Through out the evening I sipped my juice and that was the awful evening ever. Cause knowing that you made a perfect cup of coffee and you don’t get to taste your own coffee in a perfect gloomy day. It was not romantic at all..and the movie was..I don’t know about it..and I was freezing cause of the ice cold’s not the way I planned at all.

So my gloomy day was another bad day!f12631bc3e25d794ac165c75a83c8911



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