Light Make-up

I opened my wardrobe to check what I’ve got to wear to my friends’ wedding. This cream saree? well ok but I wore this last time..what if someone recognize my saree? oh this blue’s lovely..but once I uploaded a photo of me wearing this saree in can’t…it will be obvious then..everyone will ask “oh I have seen this saree in your fb” hmm let me see more..oh this saree?..umm this is out of fashion right??!…oh this..the pink one have seen this.. not so old fashion..but I dont like it..too pinkish.. so I really have nothing to wear..That’s when I thought that I should buy a new saree.

So after skimming tons of sarees I selected a very lovely saree and then I realized I have no accessories to go with the new saree. So took another 2 hours time to select proper costume jewelry.  I was so tired when I got home.. but I quickly hit the shower and turned on the lap and searched for various kind of jacket design. Finally scribbled one design and immediately went to a tailor to give the measurements.

Then for 2 days I kept thinking about what I should do for my hair. So I thought maybe I should use my own tool kit and do a simple make up. But when I phoned one of my friends I got to know that they are going to a saloon to do a make over. Then my subconscious started to talk. Will my own makeover be good? Will it not fade by the time I reach? What If my straightener does something hocus-pocus ? My whole investment on the saree and all will go invain if I could’t do my hair and make up proparly..well..well then..So finally I booked an appointment in a saloon. This got to be a good one..They charge too high than the others.

2 days before the wedding. My folks asked me “So everything ready for the friends’ wedding?”
“Yeh..pretty much..”
“So what’s the present you bought?”
“Present? what?? oh pre-sent…that..yeh…I know..well” *crap* *crap* I ve been getting ready for her wedding since one month but have  not even bought a present be honest..haven’t even thought about it..anyway I told my self Better Late than Never and dialed another friends’ number.


So finally it’s the wedding day and I was so excited (maybe more than the bride) because ,

01: OMG she is getting married!
02: I love my new saree
03: Lots and lots and lots of Photos (at least this time should take a photo with the least a one photo)
04:Meeting friends
05: Dancing..(with heels or without?)

So I was sitting in front the mirror in the saloon. well guess what?!  she admired the saree and Jacket. But then she told.. “my dear Lose hair won’t be that nice cause then no one will see your jacket design.” Oh god..but I love lose hair..hmm can’t see the jacket design?!…well but still hair..”well that’s fine..let’it be lose..just put some curls as I showed you before. I’ll put the hair to front ” “Ok my dear if you say so”..she started combing my hair. After few minutes..”No dear but what I am saying is..put a knot with few flowers.that suits you.. with your face I dont think putting your hair down will suit you..” for another 2 minutes we argued a bit and them I agreed with the hair up-do. Ok so maybe next time I ll go with lose hair. After much struggle ..she did a neat hair up-do but I am honestly not sure whether it suited me. I mean I looked different. Suddenly I remembered those damsels in Asterix.

Then the make up. “how do you want the make up my dear?”
“Just a light Make up..don’t make it heavy”.
“Of course! heavy doesn’t go with you” So then she started applying foundation and started my make up. I had to close my eyes since she was applying make up for my eye lids. After awhile ” Do you like Hot red for lips” “no not HOT red..a light one” “oh really? but? ok as you say my dear.” “Ok dear Open your eyes..all done”

So I opened my eyes.. wow..I never I realized that there was another girl getting her make over in front of me? ah this make up artist has a twin huh? her twin has done the make over for her? Hold on..Hold on Hold on…. this is a mirror right? in front me?  So this is not another girl but me? NO way.. is this me? OK …I look like a STAR but this is not ME. And Hot red lipstick?? “dear but I think this is the best color for your lips” NO..No.. I wanna go skin looks too light and eyes are highlighted ..”That’s a very light make up my dear” oh well yeh.. light make up!!! Seriously?


I have no more time to re-do the make up.All I can do is leave as soon as possible. I felt bit shame cause my own folks couldn’t recognized me until I talked to them. I felt numb..I can’t go to the wedding.But no option..

I stepped into the hotel. I saw one of my friends standing near the entrance. I was waving her but she didn’t wave back. She looked puzzled. I went closer.

“Hi it’s me”
“OMG it’s you.. I couldn’t recognize you without my glasses”  Oh well..but isn’t she wearing lenses ?? This is so not gonna be ok.. I am sure I look terrible  with this neat fit hair up and flawless make up..
“So let’s go in?” she asked .. No way..I am not going in with this.. Ermm.. “I’ll go to the wash room and come..why don’t you go alone”


I locked the wash room and looked at my own reflection through the mirror..Well I look like an alien..what should I do??? Luckily I have brought few cosmetics with me.  I slowly remove hair pins one by one..and my hair is so so stiff. With this hair I could even walk in a storm and come back and  my hair would be still the same. In that case, 10 points to my hairdresser.. (hmm let’s not talk about it now) I put some water and wash a bit of gel in my it seems bit ok..I combed my hair from my fingers to one side.. Still it has few tangles here and there..I untangled them slowly..ok hair -fine!!! Then the face..I just washed hard with SOAP and dried my face with face towels.. Maybe I think I washed my face for 20 minutes cause I wash it once..Then dried it..then again there are smudged  eye line under my I again washed it..dried it..I repeated the same for 5 time..I guess.. Finally I removed Flawless So called LIGHT make up. I applied some kajol, eye line and mascara on my eyes. Patted some blush on my cheeks. I found my favorite lip color and applied a bit. OK I wont say I look fab but I look better than the professional make up. And Yes I look confident.

I went to the wedding hall with a extra wide smile. And my friend looked prettier in her wedding dress.. Oh and I saw my friend whom I met at the entrance in another corner. She suddenly saw me and waved me. I mean didn’t she tell she can’t see things without glasses???? That explains a lot..doesn’t it ?!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunethi says:

    OMG this is so true !!! Real beauty is without make-up 😀


    1. Sithmini says:

      Hey yes Indeed. ..isn’t it.. 😀


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