Fellas..I am shifting to a new Place.

“Oh is it new day?” …” Good morning fellas..”… but isn’t it weird?! it’s bit hot in the morning & sun is on top of me. This cannot be a ‘Good’ morning then. how is it possible?! Let me just first stretch my legs and hands… “Yawn..” why is it not possible to stretch your body without yawing?!

Unbelievable! I can’t believe what I am seeing through my sleepy eyes. These crazy kids are getting down from the school vans?! Eeww their uniforms are covered with dust and pencil drawings. Oh here comes my FAVORITE kid… Mischievous one. always makes me angry.I better close my eyes and pretend that I am in a sleep so then he won’t tease me..Ok now i can’t see him…hmmm I hear the foot step..’stay still’..’Thank god’ .he though I ‘m sleeping…
Oh no…what’s this? Earthquake? Everything is moving around me. I am going up..’People run! Go! Hide! It’s an earthquake!’ But hang on. what’s this thing around my neck. Let me check that first.

Oh no not again. this crazy kid is holding me. It’s not any earthquake. It’s this kid. ‘Put me down..Down! I am gonna scratch you  ..eeeww’ Maybe he’ll get scared if I show him my sharpened nail..oh thank god..he puts me down.

These kids  just ruin my day.  I don’t wanna stay here. I want to run away. From this crazy kid and from that puppy. I hate them. I shall go to  little miss sunshine’ place. she is pretty, very kind, always gives me milk and food. how lovely is she. I’ll go to her place. she’ll keep me there forever. I l stay like a princess there lying on a soft cushion forever.


Oh here comes my savior .. aww how pretty she is. She has bought milk for me. I know I can drink milk through out my life at her place.’Gulp..gulp gulp’ ‘soo yummy’ oh she is going. I better follow her. I should walk with some grace. “Bye fellas..I am leaving..See you again…maybe sometime..or whatever”  I can feel my tail is waiving.


OH MY..her place..this is heaven…I better step into the living area. WAIT A SEC…who is this big fellow sleeping on the sofa? is it a? Oh No…the puppy..our eternal enemy! I better turn before he sees me. OH NO..NOT AGAIN…this kid..?! he is here?! HOW? NO..he saw me. He is coming to me.. no..no..no..TURN! TURN! Oh what a perfect timing. Puppy wakes up. Now both are coming to get me..No..No..NO…this can’t be happening..”Run for your Life!!”  “Sigh..Sigh..sigh..oh my god run..they are  still coming..R…U..N..!

Let me hide behind the stairs..I am tired..hmmm…No sound..guess I am safe.Phew that was a narrow escape. Oh my dreams were shattered in front my eyes. So i am back again to the old place..This is embarrassing... Now what should I do?  Well it was a hectic day so let’s sleep for a while .. “Yawn”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunethi says:

    ❤ this Sithu … So cute


  2. Sithmini says:

    Hey..Thank you .. 😀 😀 ❤


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